Canadians support pipelines?? Actually, yes they do

Monte Solberg - May 24, 2016

Here’s one that will shock you, Canadians support the building of pipelines, as long as they are built with a proper regard for safety and environmental protection. The nice people over at Abacus data polled Canadians and discovered that every major proposed pipeline in Canada has majority support, including Trans Mountain, Energy East, and Northern Gateway. It’s a shocker because it’s completely out of step with the anti-pipeline drumbeat that we so often hear in the media, from celebrities, from some of the more, umm, exotic environmentalists, and of course from some grandstanding politicians. .

This news should embolden timid governments, at least those who actually see the need for a vibrant oil and gas industry in Canada. Hey Prime Minister, it’s not too late, get out there and push Canadian oil and gas exports to the Japanese, the largest energy importers in the world. 

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