Solberg: Field Notes: The past week

Monte Solberg - May 21, 2016

Geez, it was a busy week in politics. I suppose we say that about almost all weeks, but this one takes the cake for, as they might say at the Oscars, incidents most likely to attract public interest to the House of Commons.

The best quote for attracting public interest comes from Ruth Ellen Brosseau, the NDP MP at the centre of the “incident”. She asked, “Do I have to justify how hard I was hit in the breast?”. (BTW, if you are wise you will answer that question, no).

Anyway, the bloom is off the rose, to some degree at least, for Justin Trudeau. He started the week as a Vogue magazine cover model and a prime minister for our times, and ended the week looking like a bit of a lout. In turn his legislative agenda fell apart and some of his fans (I think you have to call them fans) must be wondering if their faith was misplaced. Parliament Hill’s gargoyles must be shedding tears, or are they?

I have no doubt that he’ll be back, slightly the worse for wear, but smarter. Being humbled before the nation would be an unforgettable lesson for anyone, let alone him. So, now we will get to see what Prime Minister Justin Trudeau 2.0 looks like. I assume, at first, he’ll be less about stunts and style and more about substance, but can he actually stay interested in policy and governance? We will follow the rollout of PMJT, version 2.0, right here in News Hub Nation.

We also received word this week that Senator Wallin and former Senator Harb have had their legal problems go away. It all ended so quietly, like the hushed sound of hundred dollar bills floating to the floor.

Trans Mountain Pipeline received approval with conditions from the National Energy Board this week but because the Liberals have added all kinds of new consultations on top of the old consultations we won’t know if it’s really going forward for another six months. Just to clarify this for you, it received approval, but the approval doesn’t mean it is approved, or even conditionally approved. I hope that’s helpful.

Then of course this week leaked documents revealed that the Wynne government in Ontario wants to ban the use of natural gas and propane to heat new homes built after 2030. Perhaps these new homes of the future won’t need any energy at all. It will be exciting to find out. Rex Murphy dissects it all this weekend in the National Post and you can find it on the pages of News Hub Nation.

Wishing you a great long weekend. 

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