Solberg: Field Notes: Hey JT, the west wants back in, again.

Monte Solberg - May 24, 2016

I couldn’t sleep last night, the burden of a patriot (heh heh). The problem is that the new government has pushed western Canada out of the Canadian economic union, and the west wants back in again. 

As you will know the Prime Minister is in Japan right now. His official release on the reason for the trip reads as follows:

“While in Japan, Prime Minister Trudeau will have an audience with the Emperor and Empress of Japan (which is awesome), and will meet with Prime Minister Abe to reaffirm the close and growing ties between Canada and Japan across a broad range of areas of cooperation. The Prime Minister will also meet with leaders in the automotive sector to discuss ways to further promote trade and investment between Canada and Japan, all of this in an effort to create good-paying jobs for Canadians, strengthen the middle class, and work towards clean and sustainable economic growth”.

So, to summarize, it’s good that the PM is pushing auto investment for those cars that use 600,000 barrels of gasoline everyday in Ontario alone.  Clearly the production of gasoline-fuelled automobiles meets his standard of “clean and sustainable economic growth”. Great, but why isn’t he pushing the export of low emission Canadian liquefied natural gas (LNG) at the same time? Japan is the world’s largest importer of LNG.

Right now the Japanese get their LNG from the Australians, but they want us to send it to them too, so it is left to Japan to ask for our gas, while our government refuses to talk about it. You can read about it right here on News Hub Nation.  But now you also understand why I can’t sleep.

As you will know, for political reasons, the new Liberal government delayed the environmental assessment of the proposed Pacific NorthWest LNG plant at Prince Rupert, which means Canadians are losing the opportunity at jobs, prosperity, and even environmental gains. The Liberals talked themselves into a corner during the election so now unemployed workers stay unemployed for even longer.

Oh, and by the way, Japan is the world’s 3rd largest net importer of crude oil. When Canada produces oil we meet the highest emission and environmental standards in the world, but if the Prime Minister won’t promote natural gas it goes without saying he won’t promote Canadian oil, even if it means Canadian oil would push out oil that comes from countries with few or no emission, environmental, human rights, safety or labour standards. On that note I’m going back to bed, so that I can stare at the ceiling until the sun comes up.

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